College Legal Information, Inc was established by attorney Kent M. Weeks to help provide legal information for colleges and universities on a diverse range of issues effecting the way they respond to their legal environment.

Kent M. Weeks

Kent M. Weeks

Kent M. Weeks, principal at Weeks Law Office and College Legal Information, Inc of Nashville, Tennessee has a distinguished professional career as a teacher, administrator, lawyer, and author. A Fulbright Scholar, Weeks earned degrees from The College of Wooster, University of New Zealand, Duke University, and a Ph.D. from Case Western Reserve University.

He was a Professor of Practice of Education at Vanderbilt University for many years and has been invited by many colleges and their associations to present seminars on higher education and the law. He has written or coauthored more than 19 books and more than 140 articles and papers for scholarly journals. Weeks authored A Leaner America: Private Choices and Public Policy, which carefully examines the startling causes of overweight and obesity in America. He currently edits Lex Collegii, a legal newsletter for college and university administrators.

Weeks has recently authored two books (In Search of Civility: Confronting Incivility on the College Campus and Doing Civility: Breaking the Cycle of Incivility on Campus) that provide a fresh approach to promoting civility on college campuses. Rather than presenting the topic of civility in the abstract, each book incorporates engaging real-life student vignettes to vividly illustrate the effects of civility and incivility on individuals and the community as a whole.

Weeks has consulted with colleges throughout the United States and serves as legal counsel to several colleges and to national and international educational associations. He has participated in and directed more than 150 seminars and workshops and has addressed many higher education organizations, associations, and legal groups. Weeks is a member of the National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities Legal Services Panel.