Contracts for Campus Administrators, Faculty, Students and Coaches: A Formbook

Institutions rely on their contractual relationships to establish rights and responsibilities among the institution and its employees and students including the president, administrators, faculty, and coaches. This manual identifies the key elements in the contractual relationships and analyzes these contract components. Also, this manual provides edited forms of agreement for each contractual relationship.
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Some contract documents reflect traditional language and form.  In other cases, agreements with students and student organizations about behavioral requirements are generally short and result in a simple agreement. Regardless of the form they take, university and college contractual agreements are important. The increasing legalization and complexity of employment relationships are reflected in presidents’ contracts which may require special provisions on conflicts of interest, spousal benefits, termination procedures, and severance benefits. 

This Manual addresses many types of contracts relevant to college decision-makers including:

  • President Contracts

  • Administrator Agreements

  • Faculty Letters and Agreements

  • Residential Agreements

  • Student Behavior Agreements

  • Internship Agreements

  • Releases and Waivers

  • Coach Contracts

Table of Contents

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