Student Behavior: Policies, Programs & The Law

Student Behavior is based on the research on college students and choices they make on drugs, alcohol, personal responsibility, and eating. It is supported by an analysis of the law so that policies and practices are developed with the appropriate legal analysis.
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Every year research indicates that 1,825 college students die from alcohol-related injuries; 599,000 are injured under the influence of alcohol; and thousands attempt to commit suicide, making suicide the second leading cause of death for college students. It is estimated that 37% of college students use illicit drugs and 35% of students are overweight or obese.

Self-destructive student behaviors on college campuses have created new legal challenges for student administrators. Several courts have ruled that both administrators and institutions may have a shared responsibility to protect students from known dangers.

Student Behavior: Policies, Programs & the Law focuses on the management of potential liability and assesses programs and policies that make the campus environment a safer place to learn and live.

This book analyzes:

  • Binge Drinking 

  • Duty to Protect 

  • Drugs on Campus

  • Student Suicide and Institutional Liability

  • Sexual Violence 

  • Overweight and Obesity in Students

  • Parental Notification 

  • Healthy Lifestyles 

  • Liability for Alcohol Related Injuries 

  • Social Norming 

  • Environmental Model

Model programs and sample policies are provided along with relevant and useful Internet resources. Each chapter contains a selected bibliography.

Each chapter is presented with a common format: Overview, Application, and Preventive Measures.

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